Enema boarding school

The enema boarding school with the Klistier-and suppository clinic

Rita's anal torture had been weeks and I avoided every contact with the old clique. The invitation to the summer boarding school for girls came one day. My mother had to be unconvinced. It seemed good to find I'm learning something else. So I was now one morning at 6: 00 early with my mother at the bus stop. There I was picked up by a minibus. A friendly bus driver invited my suitcase and my mother said that the summer boarding school would be a special promotion and that I would be weeks back in 4-6 and that girl women would. Phone and mail would not always be beneficial for the adult and you should worry. The Director would report regularly. I say goodbye to my mother and got on the bus. Three other girls were in the bus. A very fat girl with glasses and two very pretty slim girl. I said good morning. Then called the bus driver turned, sit down and shut up. Wist yes probably still why you you girls. Oh, I thought and got a Mulmiges feeling in the stomach. The other girl looked too frightened, especially the fat girl. You entfeuchte a loud fart who think through the bus. She blushed, but none of us dares to laugh. The bus driver said out loud: we will get still farting friends. We were on the road many hours and I fell asleep again. Until the bus driver called out loud: all wake up we go the mountain up there you go through the gate in the wall. Your luggage will be stored, you will get new clothes and toilets – article. This is an ancient monastery with guarded wall and gates. You have to obey or come in the youth prison and your families will learn your offences. Go to the main building to sister Erika! We held that before a determined 4-meter-high gate on both sides in one of same hear by Mauer was fitted. Only forest was far and wide to see and the small road the we mi bus were ramped up. The gate opens a door as if by magic. We went through and saw cameras on poles and a wide Lawn area and a cracked old monastery stood before a nurse anywhere. She waved us z and called we should hurry up. She took us into a kind of cracked doctor room. I had to think again Rita's anal adventures. In one corner stand is a woman in a black old-fashioned costume. Next to her were two young girls with wise blouses, black mini skirt, flat shoes and black stockings. I thought English boarding school from a movie right on en. We had to confront in a series. Then the bus driver came in and said loudly to nurse: the fat girl in the bus has loud fart and would need a fart special treatment. The nurse noted what on a sheet of paper. No one laughed, we anxiously looked to the ground. The woman in the suit introduced himself as Director. Then that you told us we are here for studies and the work would be. The boarding school would thus finance themselves and discipline to teach us. About do not obey would would be in the youth prison, had enough evidence and statements, to implement this. Escape attempts and disobedience would be severely punished. The girl next to her would wear the official uniform of the boarding school. Each of us also a uniform would get after a week of cleaning and one to switch as well as five string panties of forever free Po – baking. Our stuff would be stored. We could get more dental care means and SOAP and shampoo and other toilets article. The first week we would get only a shirt of investigation and in the next room a bed. The girl who we see, would be your last week and assistants with perks. We should see what happens if we do not obey. Spank wife pain – shouted in English! She opened a closet. In this hung up leather straps and canes in various thicknesses and lengths. Then the Rector opened a further cupboard, where loud little medicine – hung cabinets with different inscriptions. Such as pain – cool fire enema and big bad rectally suppositories and vaginal suppository gyno suppository and tampon but also fart and rectal – Kot thermometer! Then there was ice and fire still the labels enema and spy ate medical and anus, as well as hospital toilet toy. But words that rang me because Rita's anal punishment still in the ears, colonic irrigation and colon cleansing each combined with the words intense and or burning, cold, or sweating! One even AV and anal sex stood on preparation and special anus stretching. Then there were cabinets labeled finished enemas and enema and enema, Enema and enema vessels, splash and hoses. A Cabinet had the caption videos and clips with suppositories introduce clinic and temperature measurement in the Po, as well as administering colonic irrigation and the performing of intestinal cleansing but also SM and spank discipline. I could not read unfortunately everything because some inscriptions were obscured or too small. The last thing I could read was, feces and fart test strip and special diapers and voyeur movie of punitive measures! I was very nervous and the other girls who had come with me also. The fat girl became quite red in the face. We now says that the Rector in punishing the 4. Girls are likely to attend, who arrived a week ago, were not obedient mid-week cleaning and now it would be disciplined. The girls in school uniforms grinned comic, and also a nurse, and the bus driver. The Rector was very serious and said: this is your chance to see what happens if you do not obey. Julia, come here please, called the Director. One of the girls in school uniform looked puzzled, but immediately went to Rector. The Rector said: show the newcomers but even please your butt – cheeks. The girl turned around and picked up the mini skirt. By the string panties were Po – JAWS to see clearly. Bend before Julia, said the Rector. They leaned forward immediately. Julia had a nice tight Apple – Po, this was however littered with red stripes and blue stains. That was a little spank punishment for wrong shame at the toilet and feces behave in the presence of a nurse. The spank punishment was conducted the day before yesterday evening. Julia go back to your place and leads in the Delinquentinnen. As on the cue came 4 totally naked and beautiful girl in the room. Every naked girl was accompanied by a girl in school uniform in the room. The neck girls were slender and shapely breasts, your charm was shaved or had only a small plum of soft hair. The girls were all more than 18 or 22 years old. Two very fat girl in school working and buildings came up kind of a horse from the gymnastics, then rolled a huge Chair in the room and two toilets on wheels that were mounted on pedestals. The Director says now: I want no begging or feel free to experience of the Delinquentinnen else UNDERSTOOD the penalty will be doubled and repeated until it without going? Yes, said the 4 naked girls in the choir! Then said the Director to us 4 girls. I want that you you also naked undressed for you to start your new life as new newborn. We were all scared and pulled us out. Only in our panties we all hesitated. Lot, lot, go called the nurse, then also the briefs were down. The fat girl was so nervous the SI whiz a loud fart read. Oh, said the nurse and gathered the linen. Then controlled she had no string on the panties, from us. The nurse took notes while the fat girl was red in the face like a tomato. Then gave the nurse consultation Wed of the Director in a whisper and said Finally, according to us was: you're number 41 to 44, that is your name for the duration of your stay here. In order from right to left. I was now number 44. Then the Director called: 43 (which was the fat girl) your panties has a brown stripe and you fart constantly, we will need to examine precisely that. Have digestive problems. The thick looked to stalls and said nothing. Then came the bus driver and slapped by the girl with the words, answer if you asked! The girl began to cry and said she always constipation and bloating would get if she were nervous and anxious. Here we will help you immediately, the Director said. You immediately get a water glass filled with castor oil! It seemed so that all who stood with bare butt looked scared, especially the fat girl and the residents still grinned in itself into. The nurse took a dark brown bottle and poured from a tough, transparent liquid in a glass. On a character of the Director grabbed the thick girls in school uniforms the naked fat girl and pushed far up your mouth. They seemed to have practice. Still a fart from the buttocks of naked fat girl came of sheer fright. The Director then said I want again was no stringent obedient otherwise the cane on each disobedient Po dances. The nurse gave the naked thick then through nose to keep the Castor oil an and said: If you's Auswürgst do you get every day the you here to a glass of it. If you're good I'll look your anus and feces in an hour as well as which anal – channel. When I hear a fart but still I will you a piece of rose – SOAP in your anus and anal – channel push, do understand d 43? Yes, said the fat girl and fought against the gagging. The thick girls in school uniforms quiet get rid and grabbed the first naked girl what was ushered in. You tied's berm on the turn horse. Arms and legs were tied and your mouth was gagged. She could not budge or shouting. Her legs were slightly spread and released the views of a slightly hairy anus. Her nice round butt sticking up in the air while her head was hanging down and your beautiful long blonde hair touched the ground. The Director approved deals with the words: assume sister to please, I have appointments. The nurse get a thermometer and would seemingly rectal temperature measurement. She gave one of the thin girls in school uniform the thermometer. She spread the Po – jaws of the bound girl and it was measured rectally in the Po with the thermometer. The anus quivered at the easily introduce the thermometer and the Po – cramped jaws at the pull out of the thermometer. The thermometer was reading off the nurse given. It was en old very large and thick glass – thermometer. Still with me, I thought that this thermometer for a horses butt would not be better but for a small delicate girl. The nurse said: normal temperature and wiping with a cloth over the thermometer. Then she put the thermometer in a large glass tank next to a sink in the corner. There was the thermometer in a transparent liquid in the glass container. This was intended to disinfect a disinfectant solution to the thermometer. The nurse examined the cloth mi the thermometer had wiped you the and said: light droppings we have leftovers, the anus and anal – Po scrutinize area thus – (spank) no unwanted scat – discharge penalty caused. A fart from the Po river discharge is OK but no feces. The nurse dressed way clinic – gloves. Then she went to the sink there SOAP from one you put liquid soap dispenser in the bathroom sink. Six different soap dispensers were installed. While the nurse distributed a green SOAP about the finger of a clinic – glove you said: why should we lubricant to a nasty butt and anal area disappear. With this SOAP, we are the anus and anal – beautiful warm up channel. That will allow to burn the Po from the inside like a ginger – Tabasco – inlet almost like a gall – enema. Please get a toilet – pot ready to catch droppings. A fat girl in school uniform picked up a comic pot, this had to be the toilet – pot. He watched at the butt of the bound girl. Now beautiful locker can be said the nurse and the delinquent of the butt – cheeks pulled apart. If you pinched along the Po you get injected half a litre ox – gall through your anus in the channel anal – and I verstöpsele you with an anal – toy for an hour. So take it burn in the and on the Po River, as a woman otherwise I spread the fires of hell in your channel anal -! Number 43 (the fat girl beside me) was crying and frightened on seemingly unreal world of this summer Academy, the two other girls who had come with me start. The three other naked girls waiting for their punishment, wept silently. The nurse turned around and said: If number 43 is still a sound, it will rectally inserted a piece of peeled fresh ginger,. Nr. 43 was now quiet. She had to fight seemingly with the Castor oil. In your Bach's rumorte and belly rubbing themselves over her bacon. The nurse laughed softly and said: the droppings will be doing already soft, 43. This is beautiful so the feces is beautiful soft through your anal – channel and you want to but your anus Burns not more than necessary, 43? No, said the fat girl.