Lots of laxative suppositories for a new anal virgin

video-length: ca. 21,52 min.

First, the temperature is measured rectally in the anal virgin. Then she is given a first laxative suppository to tease her bowels for her first anal games with fingers and an anal drill. After that, between the anal games and the anus stretching, many more glycerin suppositories and Lecicarbon suppositories (CO2 suppositories) are administered rectally. Due to the many laxative suppositories, she becomes more and more sensitive during further anal games with her fingers and the anal drill. Even if her rectal temperature is measured again and again between anal games, it becomes clear how sensitive her anus and intestines have become due to the many laxative suppositories. Nevertheless, more and more laxative suppositories are administered rectally to the anal virgin in order to further increase the pressure in her intestines. The anus fights against escaping and cramps when you insert more suppositories, which are inserted deep into the rectum with your finger…!
Through the extreme close-ups of the anal virgin’s anus, you can clearly see how the many laxative suppositories are administered rectally and what anal effect they ignite. The other anal games and the rectal fever measurement in the anus of the anal virgin give you the feeling of being there live as the anal virgin collects her first anal experiences. And like all videos in our shop, they are real private amateur recordings.