Doctor games fever measuring rectal (anal) & suppositories:

Tips & experience report
Carla O.

Doctor games fever measuring rectal:


Note that you use a thermometer that has no sharp edges or other quirks that could hurt the anus when the temperature measurement. The preparation by a colon cleansing is not needed, because a fever thermometer not so deep and so much space that would interfere with any droppings. Thus, you can temperature very well as an introduction into other medical fetish, how use suppositories or enemas. You should rub them before inserting the tip of the thermometer with a little Lube, so that they can be inserted into the anus. Introducing yourself, you should take care to not suddenly introduces it. It is also important the thermometer just one to lead, to exert too much pressure on the intestinal wall, which can lead to injuries as the tip of a thermometer is relatively thin.
The art of the thermometer, whether manually or digitally plays no role, you should only watch that one fluid-filled thermometer glass (E.g. Mercury) do not drop should, because they can break down.
At the positions where it is possible to measure fever is to note any restrictions or attitudes as long as several minutes to keep them (some thermometers measure slightly slower) and comes to the anus. Positions are most comfortable in the lie, here the lateral position with slightly tightened legs is, as one better comes in it on the back as in the prone position.

Your own experiences:
My friend asked me if I could imagine, that it measures fever for me. I already knew that he finds erotic my butt, so for me it was not very surprising that he wants to approach this in such a way. He was the marvelous and Kaloudis that this was just another, stronger form of looking after anyway very.
He built it into foreplay, gently put me on the bed after pulling out, turned to the side, stroking gently over my butt and said: “So my dear, now let’s see if you have a fever.” He took a medical thermometer with an extra flexible tip and stroked them with some Lube. He spread my buttocks easily with one hand and gently introduced the thermometer with the other. I heard the beeping when he hired the thermometer and waited until the end of the measurement reports an another peek. While waiting, he stroked my buttocks.
Came to an end as the measurement he removed the thermometer again, kissed me on my butt, told me how great he finds him and the rest of me, and we continued our foreplay, insanely good sex was.

Cone tips:
In the application of suppository you should always pay attention to any incompatibilities across from ingredients.
There are various types of effects in suppositories. So there are those which only soften the stool and simplify as an emptying (E.g. Glycerin), which, that soften the stool and thereby have an extra laxative effect (Lecicarbon) and which stimulate the bowel and install so the defecation in motion (E.g. Dulcolax). You can combine various suppositories, such as Glycerine and Lecicarbon, so the transfer is facilitated.
You should look for when the application however, it, what you want to do after the application of suppository as more activities. So, suppositories, which stimulate digestive activity, often not so well suited if one wants to make anal sex then as cramps can be caused by the increased activity of the bowel and can lead to unpleasant and painful feelings. This reaction of the intestine to such suppositories can be weakened a run-in with chamomile tea and soothes the intestine.
The insertion of suppositories can, as the temperature in all positions occur where you reach the anus up. Depending on the nature of the suppository, you can introduce it without Lube, but always should ensure that it is not uncomfortable for the patient.

Your own experiences:
I’ve had my first experiences with suppository as a child, it was due to illness. Usually, I had fever or a strong stomach. In adolescence I get no more of my mother, but also not given me.
Still, when I met my friend I did not know what his sexual preferences are. He addressed me however quick to point out. So the theme of preparation such as suppositories and enemas came up through anal intercourse. The fact that he had experience with other women, he knew quite what he explained to me.

To my other experiences, such as the anal sex, medical fetish enemas and medical fetish fever measurement