Tips & Experiences
By Carla O.

Anal intercourse:

My Advice:
If you want to do anal intercourse for the first time, you should definitely talk about it in advance. You should both want it and not just make it because you think you can trust your partner.
If you are sure, you should start slowly. To make it more comfortable for both, it is an advantage if one was about an hour before on the toilet and the bowel emptied. In order to increase this emptying, one can help with suppositories and enemas. It should be noted that some are better and others are worse. In the suppository one should dispense with those which strongly activate the intestinal activity, this can be very unpleasant in traffic. Suppositories which soften the stool are more suitable, these facilitate the emptying, and shortly after emptying, the intestinal activity is normal again and there are no unpleasant feelings during the intercourse. You should use the laxatives to make a problem before it becomes serious, so you can try with which you best klark comes.
You do not necessarily have to work with laxatives or enema, but you can also practice anal intercourse, but odors can be caused by the contents of the bowel. This is not a problem with health, since anal intercourse should always be practiced with a condom, otherwise the bacteria in the intestine can penetrate into the organism through microlauses of the skin.
Before you begin with this, you should make a cue, with which you immediately abort. By doing this, you can be sure that nothing is happening that you do not want and that you drop so much better. It is important that you are familiar and relaxed.
You do not have to begin immediately with “real” anal intercourse, it is easier if, for example, in the foreplay the anus with the caresses involved. You can do this with your fingers as well as with your tongue. For this you should start completely normal and if you are already excited and relaxed the new practice slow to take. It is easier if she lays down relaxed, he first pampers her vagina and slowly incorporates her anus. In this case, lubricants should be taken to help, so that everything slides well and is not unpleasant. He should start slowly and cautiously with a finger, which he first glides over the sphincter and then slowly penetrates a bit. You should only apply gentle pressure and wait until the sphincter relaxes and slowly gives way. In order to have any remaining intestinal contents, if you have not made an enema before, do not have a finger to work with a rubber glove or a condom over the finger. If one is now penetrated with the first finger one should start very slowly with the moving, while always paying attention to the reaction of the partner.
If one wants to penetrate with the penis one should penetrate with one or two other fingers slowly and carefully to pre-stretch the anus, the penetration is more pleasant. For anal intercourse you should use special condoms, extra tear resistant, and of course lube. If the anus of the partner is well prepared with the fingers and both want anal intercourse, one should also proceed very cautiously. It is important that she is in a position where she can relax well. If one is to slowly and carefully first with the glans, one should not exert too much pressure and leave her time that she can slowly relax her sphincter and take it up. If the glans have penetrated, do not start immediately with impulses, as it can be very unpleasant if it is not yet relaxed enough. The easiest thing is to make sure that she starts to move when she is ready.
As far as the strength and depth of the impacts are concerned, there is no limit as long as it is pleasant for both and no pain is created. If one has found out that one likes this practice and wants to make it more often, then a routine emerges with the time and it does not need as much preparation of the sphincter. However, you should always pay close attention to the reactions of the partner, since you have depending on the day and daily form more or less lust and also a different relaxation factor.

Own experiences:
My first experiences with anal intercourse I had with my longtime friend. He spoke to me one day and asked if I could imagine having anal intercourse with him since he had done it before and would like to do it with me. I prepared myself for it with a light laxative. So I could be sure that there was no excrement in my rectum that might interfere. As always, we began with a prelude to the first oral and normal sexual intercourse followed. He spoiled my back entrance with a finger, so I could relax.
Next I should go on all fours and stretch his butt against him, so he could lick extensively my pussy. Then he took the lube, spread some of it on my butt. He had a condom over his finger and massaged my sphincter. In the first moment it was a funny feeling, but he was lovely and gave me a lot of time to relax. I felt my sphincter open slightly and his finger slowly slid into me. It was a new but exciting feeling. He pushed his finger slowly deeper into me and moved it slowly back and forth. My butt relaxed more and more, so that he could move him effortlessly inside me.
To prepare me for his penis, he pushed another finger into me. He spoiled my clit with the other hand. I enjoyed feeling his fingers in my narrow-body rear and the pampering of my pussy. Now he wanted to fuck me in my butt. For this he had an extra tear-resistant condom pulled over and distributed again some lubricant on my asshole. Then he squeezed his glans slightly between my buttocks and let them glide over my sphincter so that he relaxed and took his cock. I felt him slowly sliding into my narrow opening and my ass being stretched. There was a light pull, since it was an unusual stretching. When he had sunk his glans in me, he paused and waited until I had relaxed so much that he could penetrate me. He left himself and me a lot of time to relax and enjoy. Then he began to move cautiously within me. I felt every inch of his cock slip in and out of me, it was a new and totally horny feeling.
As he pushed me slowly faster and faster, he played with my clitoris and let my lust continue to rise. I noticed how slowly an orgasm arose. My sphincter tightened slightly around his cock, which he commented with a deep, lusty groan. He pushed me faster and his fingers danced on my clit. So he brought me to an overwhelming orgasm, my body tightened before he trembled to the beat of the waves of the orgasm. He also came at this moment, which further intensified my orgasm. As our orgasms slowly subsided, he slowly withdrew from my ass. We sat down next to each other and breathed through. I felt an unknown, empty feeling in my back, but this was not unpleasant.
I would not have thought that anal sex would give me so much pleasure and pleasure. While we were still cuddling for me it was clear that although it was the first, but definitely not the last time anal sex was. You could also work with toys and tails and so maybe spoil both holes.