Medical fetish enemas

Tips & experience report
Carla O.

Medical fetish enemas:


If you want to make experiences with enemas it is useful when one has had some experience already with suppositories. You should, like all sexual practices, fully trust his partner / partner and not be ashamed before him / her. Has it together, agreed that you E.g. before the anal sex the bowel would like to clean it thoroughly and would like to use an Enema, you should consider how you want to make it right. You should definitely discuss, what kind of feed you’d like to perform and make up a Word, where the intake is stopped.
There are different types of enemas, some can you buy ready at the pharmacy, others prepare easily yourself. Two is to note that an enema is the easiest way to conduct if the rectum is no longer filled with feces, you should have best previously had bowel movement without tools or take a mild laxative suppository. (This please note that some stimulate the bowel, which may be uncomfortable for the subsequent intake.) For these colon cleansing, you can use also a Mikroklist, which you can buy at the pharmacy.
If the rectum is as far as it can go.
It sets best an absorbent towel, a sheet of latex or foil, so liquid that can go may, in addition, is captured. That brings us to the utensils. Everything you need is included with a ready prepared enema from the pharmacy, here you must only observe that the temperature of the inlet is suitable.
You want to have more choice to buy is best a running container with hose and shut-off valve, where you can change the various intestinal tubing and nozzles and use discretion. These containers have usually accommodate from two to two and a half litres, which an adult can absorb without the risk of intestinal damage.
Intestinal tubes and inlet there are in the sex shop or retailer, like z. B. Sanitätshaus, many different designs, here you should select a medium thickness for the beginning and then it can try others. There’s also no danger of injury if carefully to deal with them. You can try to make without an Enema, which the Jets or hoses feels most comfortable. If longer hoses, it is easier to introduce them completely if it introduces only a small piece and the rest only when the inlet liquid in the intestines.
The inlet fluid temperature should generally be between 34 ° and 39 ° C. If it is too warm it can cause irritation and Burns of the intestine, which can be very dangerous. The temperature is too low it can cool down strongly the body, what is desired for fever in part, at an normal inlet but not by advantage is because it leads to hypothermia and convulsions. The temperature you can measure with a thermometer that E.g. It is designed for the measurement of water temperature for babies.
As a liquid, you can get some saline solution from the pharmacy, use tap water or tap water with even mixed with additives. This, you should make sure that the tap water quality of drinking water has. It is not suitable to drink you should not also use it for enemas because contained germs and pathogens even better are absorbed through the intestinal tract, as if you would drink it and the risk of diseases is very high.
As accessories, you can take all liquids or substances dissolving in water, you can take also orally to. With alcoholic additives such as z. Wine you should be very careful b, because the intestine absorbs the alcohol better than when he first wanders through the stomach, so you can very quickly become drunk and might suffer alcohol poisoning. Milk is also suitable as additional, this color is interesting, at the elimination the whitish liquid is better to see as a clear. Where to note here is, that the fat content and composition of milk stimulate digestive activity and have a light swell effect, which are perceived by the individual as unpleasant (caution with lactose intolerance). A run-in with chamomile tea is very suitable for mild intestinal irritation or cold. The essential oils soothe and help the body to heal itself.
Has it now liberated the rectum of feces and prepares the liquid for the inlet ready to go. You should of choosing a comfortable position for the first intake, it is the kneeling on the mattress position to head the front on the ground and upper body, the lateral position or the reserve with loose legs. You can switch the position also during the inlet when it becomes inconvenient.
Before introducing the inlet hose or the nozzle you should lubricate the anus and the utensil with a lubricating gel so that everything good slip. The container with the liquid should be about up one and a half metres higher than the butt hanging one, so that the pressure of the water is high enough, which runs the inlet liquid in the intestines.
The hose is introduced and the water starts to run should one who gets the inlet, a deep – breathing in and out, so the water flows better in the intestine. If the pressure in the gut is so large that you’d think you could absorb no more liquid, you can turn off the shut-off valve and a short deep breath, and then decide whether to still fluid running or not. Of course, at the same time, you can change the position to achieve a different distribution of the liquid in the intestines.
All fluid in the bowel, or you would like to run a no more liquid, so you can if the shut-off valve is closed the intestinal tube / the inlet nozzle slowly from the anus remove, this you should make sure that not too fast out dragging. The first time it feels often something funny, relaxed next to breathe and are not cramped is important. It can also happen that something of the brake fluid when removing runs out or in the tube remaining liquid runs out, this should be not to irritate.
To achieve a better cleaning and a good soaking of any feces residue, it is advisable to keep the inlet a little in the intestine before it passes it to the toilet. However, you should wait here as long as it is still pleasant. Before one struggles can quickly excrete the running better, and on-demand or request still a second inlet.

Own experience:
Anal intercourse with my boyfriend I had prepared for me so far only with a small, light laxative suppositories. My friend asked me one day if he ever should join an enema me as preparation for anal intercourse, because the idea would excite him very. He explained to me that doing nothing would happen if you keep to the instructions and he also has smart has made, what you must keep in mind. Because I had enjoyed it clean with the suppository and am open to something new, I consented.
Because we had decided that we wanted to use no finished inlet from the pharmacy went together in a large sex shop with us in the area, where we had bought quite a bit. We went through the gears and had quickly found the section with the accessories for playing doctor and clinic sex. There were several different running container with matching accessories and large syringes. We were looking for a white tank with hose and shut-off valve out and two different intestinal tubing, a medium-thick us and one with a balloon, you can pump into the rectum, so that not accidentally slip out the hose. Specifically, we brought even a lubricant for anal intercourse.
Arrived back home I took a Glycerin suppository to empty my rectum, because I had still done not my big business on this day. After the suppository had done its effect and my rectum was empty, we started to prepare the enema. We had us wondering once without additives to work and to use only tap water. We watched that water temperature is 37 ° C, so that it is not too cold or hot. The inlet reservoir we hung in approximately 1, 70m height on our coat stand, we had put it in the bedroom. After we had put a thick towel on the bed I knelt on it and put my upper body on the bed so that my butt beautiful sticking into the air and well my friend arrived. We had decided to start for the simple hose because the balloon for the first time discourage me to something else.
My friend now took the Lube and spread it on my anus and the intestinal tube. I enjoyed the feeling of his fingers on my sphincter, he penetrated a little in me, the muscle slightly before to stretch the hose can equally easily sliding in me. Then he put the hose on my back and pushed it a few centimetres in me. It was a great feeling and not much different feels as though he spoils me with his finger. He told me that he would now open the tap. I waited anxiously for what would happen. I felt poured the water in my intestine and after a short time, a slight pressure built up. I should switch now deeply and breathe out so that the pressure and the water itself can better distribute and I can absorb more water. When I tried it I felt an improvement quickly. Now my friend pushed the hose a little lower in my fairly extensive bowel so that the water can run even deeper in me. While my friend stroking me through my back, so I could relax even better.
I enjoyed his pampering and the feeling of the water flowing into me. After about five minutes, I felt that the pressure was significantly more and told my friend that he should please pause the Enema, because I would like to absorb no more water in my gut. He also did it and began to slowly pull the hose out of my butt. It was a strange feeling, because I thought at first that the inlet would back out flow equally determined from my butt. The combination of the pressure in my gut and the hose was pulled out of me was so new to me.
After the hose completely out of me was removed I could better withstand the pressure. My friend gave me a kiss and said that I took one and a half litres from the inlet in me and me may like to help if I want to. So, I went to the bathroom. It was a strange feeling, when the water from my gut. Although I had taken a slight Abfühlen suppository before the inlet some firmer ingredients came along with the water. I felt like only poured water then a small lump of feces and back water through my anus. It was a strange but beautiful feeling, just because I learned so that in spite of the suppository is still always the remnants of feces in the my intestines were removed now.
After some time, I was again eliminated the one and a half litres and cleaned my anus. After that, I went back to my friend in the bedroom. He had cleared away even the utensils and awaited me smiling on the bed lying and asked how I feel. I replied that it feels good, to be so clean and I am glad, that decided to have me to try it out with him. Then we had wonderful sex, of course anal.

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