Doctor enemas

Tips & experience report
Carla O.

Doctor enemas:


An enema is almost the same as an Enema, but less enema liquid in the intestines is given here, only about 200-500 ml. Using this enema balls or enema syringe. You can prepare the liquid for the enema best in a bowl and then pull on the ball or the syringe. The temperature of the fluid should be at 37 degrees Celsius of body temperature. Accessories such as Chamomile tincture, table salt or baking soda can be mixed in, this is to avoid the intestinal mucosa is not irritated on the dosage.
Other preparations are like in an Enema, you should cover the bed with a slide or a latex sheet, and provide lubricant, Vaseline or fatty cream.
So that the liquid can flow better into the intestine should be located with slightly tightened legs on the left side, because the colon on the left runs and better so the liquid can ascend. You can lie but also flat on the back and slightly bend the legs.
The enema you can alone to deliver or administer themselves by a familiar person or the partner. It is also well suitable to empty the rectum before a normal running, if you would like to use a laxative suppository. You pulled up the liquid in the enema or enema ball ready to go. The enema tube should be lubricated with lubricant, Vaseline or fatty cream so that it better glides through the anus. Push it with a slight rotational motion about two to three centimeters in the rectum. The tube is inserted, press the liquid into the rectum. With a syringe, you can these after the liquid in the intestines is just pull out one enema ball you must let him together pressed at the got, so that the liquid again permeates the resulting negative pressure in the ball, if you would let him go.
To achieve a good laxative effect, the enema liquid in the intestines for seven to ten minutes should remain before it empties on the toilet. After emptying, one can use an another Enema, or do an Enema, if it wants a complete cleansing of the intestines out of the drain.

Your own experiences:
I had made with my friend already experiences with enemas, on which I myself had prepared if necessary with a laxative suppository. Since I sometimes had an unpleasant feeling through the laxative suppositories, we came up with the idea to prepare me next time with an enema. We bought us an enema ball with a capacity of 300 ml in our favorite sex shop. As an addition, we opted for the chamomile tincture of we, gave a few drops in the warm water in the bowl like in the package insert, which we then wanted to pull in the ball of the enema.
My friend took care of the arrangements and covered the bed like also for the infusions with a slide. I laid down on the left side, because I could absorb so most comfortable and most liquid in the inlets. I moved my legs slightly so that my friend at my anus up came. He moved up the liquid in the enema ball and cremte my anus and the enema tube with lubricant.
He prepared my anus with the cream with the fingers by having him slide something in my sphincter. I enjoyed this feeling like something spread my muscle. Then, he slowly pushed the enema tube of the ball with slight twists in my anus. I felt how are easily pushed it through my prior extensive sphincter. The biggest difference to an enema was that he pushed the enema tube only three centimeters in my intestine, before he pushed the enema ball together and poured the liquid in my gut.
It spread much faster in my gut as in an Enema, because it ran so by squeezing the ball at a higher pressure in my gut. After he had pushed the entire 300 ml in my gut again pulling the enema tube out of my anus. I felt a lower pressure than with an enema because much less fluid was in my gut as I otherwise at a running record.
While the liquid in my gut was, my friend massaged my stomach me, so that the liquid could work better. It was a pleasant feeling, because I felt the effect, the pressure was but not as strong as the laxative suppositories and my intestines also forcefully worked.
I kept the enema ten minutes in the my intestines, before I went to the toilet. There, I could easily do my big business. I could just feel how, my softened up feces with the liquid of the Klistiers managed its way through my anus. It was a nice feeling, because the pressure was pleasant and my bowels while not cramping.
When I was finished with my business I wiped myself clean and went back into the bedroom. There was waiting for my friend to me, who had prepared everything for the inlet. This inlet was more pleasant than the others I had been once before. We decided to prepare myself on the inlet now always in demand with an enema.

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