Enema and anal suppository experiments

video-length: 37,20 min.

The first thing an anal virgin gets is an enema with a thick enema anal tube. Your intestine explosively releases this first enema with lots of flatulence on the video toilet. The intestine of the anal virgin then receives another enema with a balloon intestinal tube. This intestinal enema triggers an even stronger explosive bowel evacuation in the video toilet. The intestine and anus of the anal virgin are then further stimulation to trigger further explosion-like emptying. She gets a large glycerin suppository and a large Lecicarbon (CO2) suppository. The suppositories are pushed deep into the intestine of the anal virgin with various butt plugs. In order to increase the pressure in the intestine even further, air is pumped into the intestinal virgin. This is done with an enema syringe, an enema ball and an enema pump. In order to irritate the intestine for further explosive emptying, the anal virgin receives a high-dose medical glycerin enema. You can experience the cramps and the explosive bowel movements of the anal virgin on the video toilet. The anus and the intestine are then treated with a special care cream. In order to solve the last remnants of the enemas and flatulence in the intestine of the anal virgin, your anus and anal area is processed with a fisting and a glass dildo. This then releases all the remains on the video toilet under cramps and fart explosions …