Further treatment of an anal virgin

video-length: 46,03 min.

Further treatment of an anal virgin, with several forced bowel movements, leads her to the limit of her burden. The anal virgin is the first to be given an overdose of Dulcolax suppositories rectally, as well as a high-dose mini enema and another more powerful enema. This explosive mixture in the gut of the anal virgin, does not wait long for its effect. After each forced evacuation, the anal virgin receives rectal administration of additional laxatives as a suppository, and several large-volume high enemas with a thick and long intestinal tube. Even the rectal fever measurement offers the anal virgin no relaxation, since the anus and intestine of the anal virgin now burns like fire. The anal virgin must be forced to co-operate with a paddle spanking (beating on her butt). In these again very private film shots of the doctor, experience how the anal virgin is led to her anal pain line.