Painful school of anal virgins 2

video-length: 65,28 min.

In the second part of the painful school of anal virgins, the anal virgins have to endure even more cramps and pain in the gut. The intestine and anus of anal virgins are painfully stretched and irritated with even more large laxative suppositories, enemas, air enemas and other anal games. The anal virgins suffer especially from the cold water infusions and the large quantities of undiluted glycerine in their intestines. The anal virgins fart under strong cramps with every evacuation in the toilet. The many large suppositories irritate the anus and the intestines of the anal virgins after each defecation. Since the anus and intestine of the anal virgins is strongly inflamed by the laxatives and the air enemas, the anus of the anal virgins opens in the anal games only with great pain. For relief and pain relief, the anal doctor administered only anal tampons and plays with the vagina of anal virgins. And the anal doctor, measures after each intestinal and anus torture, rectally the temperature at the anal virgins.