Anal stretching & colon cleansing with suppositories and enemas

video-length: 39,35 min

The doctor first tests with different butt plugs how stretchy the anus of the anal virgin is. Then the colon of the anal virgin is cleansed. The anal virgin receives 6 large laxative suppositories from the doctor to empty her bowel. The intestines and anus of the anal virgin are very irritated by the overdose of suppository laxatives. Nevertheless, the doctor gives her more laxatives, suppositories and an enema. So that even measuring the rectal temperature or inserting a finger into the anus and intestine is very uncomfortable. The anal virgin has the feeling that she has to repeatedly empty your bowels. The anal virgin’s bladder also empties due to the pressure in the intestine. Since the anal virgin becomes more and more uncooperative, the doctor has to use the paddle and beat her ass several times. For relief, the anal virgin receives an anal tampon made from chamomile extract inserted into the anus for a short time. Finally, the anal virgin is given one last large laxative suppository and a diaper, as she is not allowed to use the toilet for the rest of the day. It’s again very private film recordings of the doctor.