Treatment with laxative suppositories and enemas

video-length: 22,23 min

First, the girl is prepared anal with lubricant and the fingers and the temperature is measured rectally. Then the girl is given many laxative glycerin suppositories and Lecicarbon suppositories (CO2 suppositories), rectally, as well as a medical enema. This anal treatment with laxative suppositories and a medical enema increases the pressure in the girl’s intestines so much that she has to defecate with flatulence. After emptying, the now irritated anus of the girl is again prepared with the finger and the girl is again given several laxative suppositories rectally. After inserting the laxative suppository, the anus is stretched with an anal plug and the intestines are further stimulated with an anal drill. In order to further increase the pressure in the girl’s intestines, she also receives several air enemas with an enema bulb. This ensures that the girl has to empty and relieve her bowels again with flatulence. As the girl positions herself for more anal treatments, she can’t stop farting and more material exits her intestines through the anus. As a reward, the girl gets more laxative suppositories and another air enema administered anally. This further anal treatment immediately ensures that the laxative suppositories leave the girl’s intestines again with flatulence. This prompts the hobby anal doctor to immediately administer more air enemas to the girl with the enema bulb in order to provoke even more farts with material.
Through the extreme close-ups of the anus, you can clearly see how the many laxative suppositories and enemas are administered rectally and what anal effect they ignite. The other anal games and the rectal fever measurement in the anus also give you the feeling of being there live. And like all videos in our shop, they are real private amateur recordings.