Especially painful treatment of an anal virgin

video-length: 47,00 min

In the school of anal virgins, an anal virgin is treated particularly painfully. Not only does it receive a particularly strong laxative-looking medical enema, it also introduces many laxative suppositories into the colon. The suppositories are introduced with a small anal dildo particularly far into the gut of the anal virgin. Since the anal virgin refuses to empty her bowels in a diaper, her buttocks are beaten with a paddle. After the gut of the anal virgin has emptied, she gets more laxatives in the form of suppositories and enemas. This causes painful anal burns in the intestine and anus of the anal virgin.  See how the anus of the anal virgin painfully expands. Also air enemas are given to her by the doctor. Experience the painful farting and intestinal spasms of the anal virgin owing to the large quantities of rectally administered laxatives and the air enemas. The anus and intestine of the anal virgin, burning with pain, can barely stand the intrusion of a finger of the doctor. Even the rectal insertion of a thermometer into the anus of the anal virgin is causing her pain. In order to further increase the anal cramping and burning in the intestine, the anal virgin also receives a ginger suppository. Although the doctor uses a camomile anal tampon to relieve her pain, the anal virgin can not stand the foreign body in the anus.