Treatment with enemas and rectal enema with balloon rectal tube

In the anus of the small pink lady, rectal temperature is first measured. Then her intestine receives some strongly laxative enemies with several enema balls. You have been very close and live like your sweet anus twitches and your intestine begins by sounding its work. In order to increase the laxative effect in the intestine of the small pink lady still, this receives an additional enema syringe with an even more powerful laxative. The moaning of the pink lady suggests that her gut would like to free herself from the pressure. It must, however, keep the enema fluid in the intestine for a few more minutes in order to increase the effect of the rectal laxatives administered. On the side we the anus of the small pink lady again and again checked whether it really does not release any intestinal contents. When a finger is inserted into your intestine, not only does your bowel pulsate, but the whole body. After tormenting minutes finally comes the redemption for the pink lady and your intestine. It can drain your intestine. You are very close to how the delicate virgin anus of the pink lady twitches and releases the dissolved intestinal contents and the rectal laxatives from the enemies. The intestinal gases, too, are finally forced out of your intestines as a powerful foe, causing the tender anus to vibrate. The extreme close-ups are a must for every connoisseur and lover of the analerotics what you or he loves. In order to finally clean the intestine of the pink lady from all residues, the extra large enema with a balloon intestinal tube is obtained. Here too, you can experience the effect of inflating the balloon of the balloon, the intestine of the pink lady, and how the extremely large enema gets your bowels back into shape. Then, of course, you are very close again when the twitching anus releases the bowel contents under high pressure. …etc.

Title: Treatment with enemas and rectal enema with balloon rectal tube
File: 19,36 min.

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