The new girl is tested anal and vaginal

video-length: 26,08 min.

The new girl, is a little excited before her vaginal and anal tests. For this reason, the doctor first examines her vagina with her fingers. Then the new girl may have a little masturbate and anal herself. Then the doctor examines the anus of the new girl with the fingers, and starts with a light anal fisting. Next, the doctor measures rectally the temperature of the new girl and prepares the anus with the fingers on the first anal toy. The new girl is allowed to introduce a small anal ball chain in the ass and slowly let slip through the anus to the outside. The new girl, the anal ball chain has to introduce several times and in different positions anal and again and again through the anus glide. Next, the doctor gives the new girl several enemies with an enema syringe. In the air-filled intestine of the new girl the doctor then also introduces the anal ball chain, and lets them slide through the anus. So he’s testing the anus of the new girl! To next, increase the pressure in the intestine of the new girl, through another air enema. He lets the enema syringe in the anus of the new girl stuck as he starts to stimulate the vagina of the new girl with his fingers. The doctor then removes the enema syringe from the anus of the new girl to reintroduce the anal ball chain. With the inserted anal ball chain, the new girl is then stimulated the vagina. After removing the anal ball chain, the anus is again inspected with the finger, but the temperature is measured rectally. Then another air enema follows. This can not hold the new girl in your pumped up gut. It escapes from your anus, which is immediately inspected by the doctor with two fingers. Further air escapes from the intestine of the new girl. The doctor stimulates the anus of the new girl more and more and also includes the vaginal area in his stimulating finger game. After the girl’s anus has been so stimulated, the doctor introduces the anal ball chain into the anus of the girl, and stimulates her vagina with her fingers. The doctor and you will find that after all the stimulations that anus glide the anal ball chain is already much easier. For now the doctor will fist the new girl vaginal and anal with the fingers. This is the ultimate test for the new girl. At the end, the new girl can be self-satisfied on the toilet, and gets from the doctor to the bowel, a few water-air enemas with the syringe. They are always live … with a lot of close-ups … even if the new girl finally … after the last enemies … your anus and anal area, relax on the toilet …