Anus Love

video-length: 28,00 min.

For the living of anus love, the intestine and anal canal of the girlfriend must be prepared. That’s why she gets extremely strong laxative suppositories and enemas. The strong Dulcolax suppositories are pushed deep into the anal canal with the finger and an extra long thermometer. In the first phase, the woman holds her butt in position. Her anus is worked with the thermometer rectally until her ass has freed himself from his burdens. The bowel sounds show the young woman that the cleaning has only begun. So she mixes her next enema herself and administers it, but she gets a lot of air into the intestine.

Your anus is always stretched with your finger, but the strong laxatives provide for a very tight anus. Although the already introduced laxatives in the young woman’s channel are still working, she still receives three more enema syringes with an equally strong laxative. Afterwards, the effect is shown and the intestine is freed.

After this intensive and strong colon cleansing with laxative suppositories and enemas, the pretty woman brings her apple-shaped bottom in knee-elbow position. So that they can gently get a relaxing suppository to get nurtured in the anus. In addition, she gets an intensive anal massage through the finger. The procedure has caused the anal canal to become cramped and therefore the massage has to be intensified. In a deeply deflected position, the friend introduces an intestinal gas nozzle into the anus, which fartheses escape. In this way, the intestine completely relaxes. And much more..