Suppository, Temperature Rectal, High Enema…

video-length: 25,13 min.

The little lady allows us to have an erotic fever measure rectally and gives us very private insights into her treatment by the gyno doctor. As a preparation, it is provided with a relaxation suppository. Then the temperature is measured in their anus in different positions and with different thermometers, rectally. The fever measurement rectally is always supported by anal and rectal anointings with the ointment applicator and the finger of her private gyno doctor. The Gyno doctor documented with the video camera every treatment and examination phase of the little lady. Be almost live by the high resolution of the Kamerabilder, as the little lady gets her first high enema. The private Gyno doctor introduces a very long and thick clinical enema intestine tube through the anus into the intestine of the little lady. Experience the feelings of the little lady when the long and thick hospital bowel tube is inserted into you and the high and large volume enema begins to fill her intestine. The urge to release the high enema is getting bigger and bigger. Especially with every liter, which runs into the intestine of the little lady during this bowel rinse. Feel the shiver when the long and thick hospital bowel tube is slowly pulled out of the anus of the little lady. It is even more difficult for the little lady to hold the high-volume high enema in her intestine after the intestinal tube has been removed. You are going to get surprised by something unavoidable at this very moment, since the little lady is maintainting for too long. Him Deciding whether the intestinal cleansing was successful with high enemies or whether the little lady needs further bowel rinses or other anal treatments! Erotic fever measure rectally simply for the connoisseurs among us.