Painful school of anal virgins

video-length: 51,09 min.

In this school anal virgins with many large laxative suppositories, enemas, air enemas and other anal games are trained. The anal virgins must learn to open their anus, even if they have cramps in the intestines. For this purpose, the anal virgins are first introduced rectally with many large laxative suppositories. Then they get another air clyster. The air enema together with the laxative suppositories provides for convulsions in the intestines of the anal virgins. The anal doctor get the anal virgins to endure the spasms while the anal doctor opens her anus with his fingers and small toys for the first time to play anal lovemaking. Since one of the anal virgins can no longer endure the cramps, she must empty her bowel in front of the doctor. As a punishment, the anal virgin receives immediately afterwards further laxatives Suppositories and an enema with pure glycerine. She also has to endure an enema with cold water and another air enema. Of course, the gut of the anal virgin can not stand the even stronger cramps. For this reason, the anal virgin must once again empty her bowel in front of the anal doctor. The flatulence and cramps leave her anus far outward. As punishment, the butt of the anal virgin is beaten. To beat the butt with his hand, the anal maiden should remember her duties. Anal virgins must endure anus games anytime. To relieve the anal virgins, the anal doctor uses only a nourishing anus ointment and suppository as an anal tampon. Also measures the anal doctor several times rectally the temperature of the anal virgins and caresses her vagina.