High enema with long colon tube and Vaginal Massage

The sweet little girlfriend is on enemies and therefore gets the anus first with several fingers and lubricants massaged and stretched. Then a 50 cm long flexible bowel tube is inserted through the anus completely into the intestine. The little sweet girlfriend groans violently, while the long bowel tube finds its way deeper and deeper. Then the big and high enema is started and the little sweet girlfriend immediately senses how the hot powerful enema starts to work deep inside your intestine. During the high and powerful enema, the little sweet girlfriend gets an intense massage of her clitoris, which also keeps your little labia. While the pressure is intensified by the high and strong enema in the intestine of the small sweet girlfriend, the intensive vaginal massage provides for almost an orgasm. But before the orgasm, the massage and the enema is finished. While the long and flexible bowel is pulled out of the bowel very slowly, the sweet little girlfriend feels every bowel wreath around which the long flexible bowel tube winds. She enjoys the enema games to the fullest. She can barely hold on to her pleasure just before her peak. Her body is lolling. And much more.

Title: High enema with long colon tube and Vaginal Massage
File: 8,11 min.

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