Enema girl testing Glycerin and Tea Enemas

video-length: 14,00 min.

The enema girl is only tied up to play it with anal and vaginal play prepared on the various enemas. Thereafter, as the enema and enema girls experience, various glycerin enemas available in the pharmacy are administered into the intestine. You can literally feel like the urge of enema and enema girl grows to finally be able to visit the bathroom. But before she can, she’ll be given a special tea enema that will thicken the glycerin in her gut, but the tea contains a particularly strong laxative that immediately sets the bowel moving. This uncanny urge is furthered by the doctor’s finger, who gives the enemas and enema girls the enemas. Experience this video with many extreme close-ups as if you were the Enema and enema girl administer the enemas themselves and penetrate with your finger anal and vaginal ….