enema & analgames 1

video-length: 40,50 min.

The clinic doctor makes a house visit with a girl, that the school tails. The girl is an anal beginner and the clinic doctor spreads his rectal and anal toys. The hospital doctor works with suppositories, enemas, rectal fever, etc. The girl lifts her night shirt, presents her tender breasts and has to strip off her panties. First, the clinic doctor touches the girl’s delicate and naked labia and works towards the vagina. Then the girl has to present her anus to the clinic doctor standing by. Then the doctor goes to the toilet with the girl to make a pee. Afterwards, the girl has to lie back on her bed and raise her knees to her chest. So the clinic doctor has a clear view of the naked labia and the twitching anus of the young girl. First, the clinic doctor works the narrow vagina with his fingers, then prepares for anus. Shortly afterwards, her fever in the baby’s position is measured rectally. The thermometer (fever measuring rectal) the young girl could not feel in her anal channel for a long time. Then the clinic doctor stretched the girl’s anus with a finger and administered the girl with a glycerin suppository for adults. So that the girl can not press the suppository out of the anus, the clinic doctor pushes the suppository with his finger very deep into the anakanal. In order for the laxative suppository to work better, the clinic doctor gives the girl a mini-enema from the clinic. Although the girl very quickly wants to the toilet, she must wait for the permission of the clinic doctor. Again and again, the doctor examines the girl’s anus and anal canal with his finger, until he allows her to go to the toilet. The clinic doctor still has many anal surprises in his suitcase. The girl still gets many extensive enemas with different bowel tubes. Since the anal canal is not yet clean enough for the clinic doctor, the girl is tied to the breast on the bed with her knees. Likewise, the girl had made the hospital doctor too much trouble. The girl is still given an abduction suppository that the doctor doctor pushes with his finger deeply through the anus into the anal canal. The young vagina and tight anus get to know different toys such as vibrators and love balls, as well as an intensive finger treatment and an enema syringe with air. Since the girl is still uncooperative, her anus is stretched in knee-elbow position with the fingers and a steel ball dildo by the clinic doctor. She receives further intense anus and anal stretching with various anal toys. With her fingers, her virginal anal wrecks are widened more and more A spanking with the hanger and a cup of castor oil round off the treatment of the young girl! The girl had days later pleasure in this treatment.