extreme footage of suppositories and anal play

Extreme close-ups as large suppositories are pressed in various positions in the virgin anal canal of a girl. The finger of the preliminary carries out his work without lubricant. He strokes only between the labia minora and the vagina of the girl. When temperature measurement in the lateral position, the temperature is then measured rectally in the intestine of the girl. After a relaxation of the uvula virgin anal canal and anus of the girl is stretched for more anal play. For this, a tube with a balloon is inserted through the anus into the anal canal of the girl. When you introduce into the intestine, the friend used some lube so as not to overwhelm the virgin anal area and the girl’s anus. He also expands the anus and the girl with the fingers anal canal, and playing with his thumbs into your vagina. The friend of developing latex gloves to distribute the lubricant is optimal in the virgin anal area of the girl. Again, your experienced extreme close-ups, especially if you energized with two fingers anal and vaginal. After insertion of the balloon into the intestinal anal canal of the girl, the balloon is inflated and the vagina further stimulated. The girl should get used to a anal and rectal stimulation. Then the slightly inflated intestinal balloon, for further expansion of the anal canal of the girl pulled. Finally, the girl still gets a special air-enema with a special enema pump, such as a colon and a very intense rectal massage ….

Title: extreme footage of suppositories and anal play
File: 20,10 min.

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