Anal examination two

At the beginning, the young lady is in her school uniform, in her prone position with raised pop. To prepare for their anal test, the first rectal fever is measured to determine their temperature. Her young anus is then stretched with his fingers and a lot of lubricant. To prepare for colon cleansing, the young lady gets two Spanish Big King Size Glycerin Suppositories. The suppository tubes are inserted deep into the anus and anal canals. Then a clinic enema is prepared and injected into the anal canal to support the Big King Size Glycerin suppository deep into the anal canal. In order to delay the visit to the toilets, the young lady is introduced into the anus and she is given a nursing trolley. It starts the right anal tests with a mini-enema to check the colon cleansing. The young lady has to do sports exercises, while the laxative works in the intestinal and anal canal. Shortly afterwards, you are going to get surprised by something unavoidable at this very moment, since the young lady is maintainting for too long. Her young anus is prepared in candle position with a molasses and milk enema. Then the young lady receives several molasses and milk enemas in several positions in order to check the colon cleansing again. Afterwards, the young lady in the back position herself administered a molasses and milk enema with a special rectal nozzle. This nozzle massages the anal canal and stimulates the anus. It may drain the molasses and milk inlet in the shower. Rectal, the young lady is now cleaned and ready for more toys! But before further toys, anal balls, suppository, etc. gets the young lady still an air-enema. In addition, it gives itself a high enema with a long bowel! The anal test is accompanied by a helper who documents everything for you. The young vagina and the wonderfully young and firm ass, with the tight anus will please you. There are close-ups that are rarely so private. Have fun.

Title: Anal examination two
File: 51,21 min.

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