Private Spy Girl

Live like a young girl in close up, spoiled her vagina and her labia with her fingers. Your BDSM friend films the young girl and encourages you to masturbate! Then he intervenes himself. He works with the fingers the labia and also the sweet, small and virgin anus of the girl. Although the young girl has a shaved venus and anus, the young girl is shaved again by your BDSM friend! For this, your BDSM friend spreads generous shaving foam on the girl’s intimate area. The girl fits naked lying to her fate. Your BDSM friend shaves not only the female chickens, but also the little anus and the pop-notch! He is only satisfied when the girl is as smooth as a baby-pop! The sweet outer labia and the Venushügel tremble under the Nassrasierer, since the sadomasochist friend also without shaving foam continues. Then the BDSM friend rubs the girl’s just shaved very sensitive body positions with a lightly burning lotion. Afterwards the girl has to strip a silk-pantyhose over her naked body for your BDSM friend. Meanwhile, her friend can not leave his hands off her. He wants the silk pantyhose is taut, so that the labia are pronounced. Even the beautiful buttocks of the young girl come into the tights very well to the advantage. The BDSM friend asks the young girl that she caresses through the silk pantyhose at all intimate body positions and body openings. Finally, the BDSM boyfriends himself with his hands forcefully, until he rips the silk pantyhose. The girl presents himself to you and standing erect, with torn silk pantyhose. The BDSM friend spreads her buttocks and asks her to get tighter. The hands of the friend open the labia and the buttock! You have a wonderful view of the virgin anus and the vagina! Then he tears the girl the first pantyhose completely from the naked body. He immediately asks the girl to take a new silk pantyhose across the naked body. This too falls victim to wild masturbation and pain games! The girl starts to find the dominating games of the sadomasochistic friend! In turn, the girl’s body openings can open more and more. The young girl again gets a new silk pantyhose and has to masturbate for a BDSM friend with her legs spreaded on a chair until he is satisfied with your vagina’s degree of moisture. Then she has to clean herself, only with the silk pantyhose, clean and he looks at her. You are also part of this and have the best look. The BDSM friend introduces the young girl gently into the life of a slave girl. He expects absolute obedience from the girl who must submit to him. (This is the real life in the education of a girl) Then the sadomasochist friend captures the young girl and realizes that her tender breasts get used to the dominance. That’s why the BDSM friend captures the young girl first in foil and then with special adhesive tape. Let her know that he is your new master and master. For this she is completely naked, as on the day of her birth! For today she is reborn as a slave. Experience the first lessons of the new slave girl of the BDSM master at the connection. And much more.

Title: Private Spy Girl
File: 47,52 min.

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Tags: anal / anus / rectal, enemas, Shaving / Masturbation / Vaginal / Tampon, Slave / Spanking / BDSM / fisting / Stretching, Stockings

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