Pain, drugged, used

She may be his willless girl. She is tied up and he cuts her clothes from her young body. Full of anticipation, she lies naked and tied on the table. Her tight bottom gives a slow look at your virgin anus prize. The girl’s anal route starts with a fever-measuring session. It excites any connoisseur to see the rectal thermometer stuck in your anus. Completely naked and in an extremely tied back position, the young girl gets your first mini-clinic enemies. Your young body trembles and your tender labia are a delight for every connoisseur. Her anus and anal canal has not yet been opened by a penis. This delicate body will inspire you. Naked sitting on the table, her body quivered under the pressure of the laxative in your intestine (mini-clinic enema). Then the virgin anus of the girl gets his first great enema. The girl feels the pressure in the anal channel causing the first bowel rinse. A small amount of intestinal fluid is discharged through a separately inserted tube. Then the anus is stretched further with the fingers and the girl receives a suppository for the relaxation of the anus and anal canal. The suppository also serves the rectal care and helps the girl during her break. The girl is woken with an inflated dildo that vibrates deep in your anus. After removing the toy, the girl can get your second big enema. Then the girl receives a very long enema tube inserted into the anus in the supine position. A laxative is injected into the anal canal several times using an enema syringe and pulled back into the enema syringe. Through the long enema hose a very deep anal injection takes place in the intestine. The girl is then given a diluting enema and you are introduced to the anal canal rectally into the anal canal. Her anus twitches and trembles under the enema and the hazelnuts. The emptying of the enema with the nuts in the anal canal provides room for special rectal feelings. Then the anus is ready for a special air enema with a thick anal nozzle. Then the young girl Anus gets two really large glycerin laxatives and a Dulcolax laxative suppository. The suppository cleanses the girl’s almost empty bowel, as does the cleansing of the bowel. In order for the intestine to press, a long large piece of chocolate is pushed into the girl’s anus. Since the girl does not want to enjoy the final vaginal and anal massage, she gets a hard spanking with a curtain rod in different positions. And much more.

Title: Pain, drugged, used
File: 56,11 min.

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