Julia’s anal education

Julia's rectal and anal education with suppositories and enemas, and the good old enema and spanking

Julia is a beautiful young girl. She is tall and slender and all the guys would love to run it. Julia has long blonde hair and eyes like Alpine Lakes, in which everyone would like to dive. Her breasts are well formed and fixed and Julia has a beautiful Apple bottom. On top of that, Julia was extremely intelligent and attended high school. Unfortunately Julia was very distracted, in your last year on your high school so that your high school in danger! Julia discovered very early your sexuality and loved to masturbate. She had so much joy in the games with your body you had bought even a small vibrator. Tested a lot of guys last year and expanded their sexual horizons. Also, you discovered that the ideal friends, unfortunately sexually not could satisfy. The ideal sex partner were a disappointment as friends! Julia loved to try much out and loved her boyfriend. She was an ideal companion him as friend and sex partner. He seemed to accept or not want to know that Julia Additionally expanded their sex life with others. Unfortunately, the teacher at Julia's school had not so much understanding. Especially since Julia's leisure activities, the school readiness decline read! Her father was a doctor and read by the Director of Julia's school that persuaded Julia would need special assistance. Julia also found the idea isn't bad. Julia should for a year at a high school in the United States and there make your conclusion. That would look good on the resume, with the international year and the conclusion would be almost guaranteed!
Julia was not informed that it was a special school. A school with strict discipline. The school was in a state in which physical penalties for children were not only allowed but were desired. Also Julia was not informed that it would be a pure girls school, the Obendrein stood in the middle of the wilderness.

A week later, Julia was sitting in the plane and looked forward to new sexual experiences, who wanted to collect in the United States. Julia was so excited it could not sleep on a long flight, although they twice to the masturbating on the toilet went.
In New York City was brought to a small private jet by a flight attendant and after a short pass control is next. The Jet had comfortable leather armchair and Julia went to sleep immediately! During a stopover to refuel, Julia was awake and was thirsty. She was the only passenger, and felt like a rock star than a flight attendant brought her a Coke. There was a strong narcotic in the Cola. So Julia slept through the long way to school. No new schoolgirl should the arrival notice that that campus by a high wall with a steel door and cameras was surrounded.
Julia was awake on a sort of hospital rooms. She was completely nude on a bed that was covered with a rubber coatings for bedwetting. That you knew from your childhood. While Julia was still slightly dazed you noticed that your Schamharre had been removed. She felt a slight tingle on your delicate pubic mound and an itch in your Po column on your anus. When Julia wanted to touch the anus, you realized that your arms on the bed with leather straps were fixed. Julia cried for help and immediately, a young and pretty nurse entered the room. Julia wanted to know what was going on and the nurse should untie you. The nurse laughed and told Julia to keep his mouth shut. Julia floundering and screamed louder and wanted to disobey. Suddenly another door opened and five other sick sisters came into the room. Julia was packed on arms and legs and your arm tie solved. Then, Julia was turned with a jerk on de belly. Now, the legs of the bed have been fixed to the poor. Julia had no chance against the trained nurses. You has been gagged to stop Juliet's shouting. The pretty nurses giggled quietly. One pushed Julia still a rubber pillow under the belly before the five nurses room again dungeons. Now, the nurse who had observed the approach of your fellow joined Julia's bed. Julia sahn nurse angry eyes on. The nurse then said to Julia: as you could see we have removed all Schamharre with you. Firstly for reasons of hygiene. The others because we want you back a good little girl are. Not brave girls be punished here physically.
Then, the nurse took a way to send a radio device out of your pocket and bat a Miss Holly, Britta. Julia turned your head when the door opened and a big dark-haired girl in a type of school uniform entered the room. The school uniform consisted of a white blouse and a folding mini skirt in dark blue, and white socks to flat strappy shoes. Hi Britta said the nurse. Hi Miss pain said the girl. Julia explain but why are you here now please Britta, the nurse said. With slightly trembling voice, the girl said: I am here to a regular spanking to get with the little bee. The nurse brought a leather paddle as Julia's had already seen on spanking and SM Internet sites. From the shop in which you had purchased your love toy, there was an SM Department punishment and spanking, offered those with toys. The nurse asked Britta, means even more precisely to tell Julia what a regular spanking punishment.
Britta explained with a trembling voice: at a regular spanking punishment would criminal toy set by the personnel for the offences of the girl and the girl must embark without tying-in the appropriate and desired punishment position. Then, the number of strokes for the regular spanking by the nurse would be set. Also, everyone would have to spanking blow loud are counted and the girl must blow up for your discipline for each thank you. Should the girl after a spanking blow too much fidgeting or even scream and leave the desired position, should ask the girl to two extra strokes of spanking. Would tied up's too much displease it was an irregular spanking, nurse with gag and additional penalties. What can be additional types help love Britta? There's intense oral and anal punishment, said Britta! The nurse called for something more specific please! Brita started to enumerate during Julia's mind movies worked: some girls get an oral laxative that causes severe cramps and wear a diaper while the poop is samelt to the sore butt. Then there's easy diaper punishment where a strong laxative through the anus is rectal verbreicht. There are suppositories or Suppositorys small enemas. There's also colonics anal spasm effect with the normal intestinal cleansing and inlets not comparable are. Now we come to the normal gyno and hospital discipline everyday life, interrupted the nurse. It will meet Julia everything yet. I thank you Britta for this theoretical insight help for girls in our discipline. Now, we want Julia which practically do little bee love Britta. At these words, the nurse swung the leather paddle through the air. Take off your panties and put your butt in position.
Britta scary lifted your skirt and pulled off your white briefs. The nurse in a provided plastic basket wanted to have put the slip. Then the nurse asked: Britta love you want 20 spank it free standing or 30 spank it above the desk. How do you think the little bee can help best with your discipline problem? 20 spank it free standing please Miss pain!